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The Ultimate Sizing Solution for Every Category and Gender in Your Webshop

As the owner of an online clothing store, you undoubtedly understand the inconvenience and costliness of returns: after all, 33% of all online shoppers order the wrong size. SizeBuddy can drastically reduce this percentage by providing size predictions to all your customers, regardless of their gender or the clothing category they're searching for. SizeBuddy helps in reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction and webshop conversions. In this article, you will discover how SizeBuddy works for every category and gender, and how it can elevate your webshop to new heights with just a few clicks.

Size finder for every gender

SizeBuddy is designed to provide accurate size predictions for all genders. Whether your customers are men, women, non-binary, or other genders, SizeBuddy adapts and delivers personalized size advice based on their body shapes, fits, and sizes. This allows your customers to shop with confidence in your webshop, knowing that they will find the right size. This increased trust in ordering the correct size dramatically boosts conversions.

Accurate for all categories

Whether you offer a wide range of clothing categories such as women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, shoes, or accessories, SizeBuddy is ready to assist you. By comparing size charts from different brands and fits, SizeBuddy can make perfect size predictions for every garment in your webshop. This enables your customers to easily select the right size, regardless of the type of clothing they are searching for.

SizeBuddy for babies, toddlers and children

Finding the right size for children's clothing can be a challenge, but SizeBuddy makes it simple. With special attention to children's sizes, SizeBuddy allows parents and caregivers to shop for their children without worries. SizeBuddy provides accurate size predictions for babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers, making it easy for your customers to find the perfect size for their kids. SizeBuddy even takes into account the child's growth, ensuring accurate sizing recommendations.

Advanced algorithms making predictions

SizeBuddy utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide precise size predictions. By taking customer input, such as the current brand and size they are wearing, SizeBuddy recommends the ideal size based on comparisons with various size charts. This ensures a personalized and seamless shopping experience for every customer in your webshop.

SizeBuddy tool

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