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The solution for returns

Sizebuddy helps online clothing stores reduce returns and increase conversion by correctly predicting clothing sizes.


Increases conversion


Always reduces costs


Reduce CO2 emissions

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Why Sizebuddy

retourzending kosten

One return costs an average of €12.50


of all ordered clothing is returned

of customers order the wrong size


SizeBuddy reduces returns in three ways. These 3 software solutions reinforce each other's effectiveness in reducing returns.


The SizeBuddy size finder provides a size prediction to your customer based on what he/she is wearing now, regardless of brand and fit.

The only input we need is which brand and size your customer is currently wearing.


The SizeBuddy pop-up appears when a customer wants to order a particular clothing item in two or more different sizes. 

If this is the case, the customer will be notified that he/she can use SizeBuddy to find the right size and thus save costs and emissions.


Your SizeBuddy dashboard contains various relevant customer data.


This allows you, among other things, to get an accurate picture of the ideal dimensions for your clientele and we help you to collect and provide insight into data about your ideal target group.

review attractedtoblack

We are very satisfied with the services of Sizebuddy! Sizebuddy has been providing our size chart on the product pages with great success for a month now. For example, we have concluded that our returns have been reduced to 0 this month and we are experiencing positive feedback from customers about the size finder.


We will continue to use Sizebuddy because we are very satisfied.

Max Marsen, owner 

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