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How a size finder helps to increase conversion and lower costs.

What is a size finder and how does it work? A size finder is an algorithm that originally used personal information to predict the size of someone, generally using height, weight and body type. It was originally created because most people are not aware of their correct body measurements and cannot accurately determine which clothing items they should buy.


The right product size, style and fit are crucial in delivering a positive customer experience.

The right product size, style and fit are crucial in delivering a positive customer experience. The right size and fit will also increase conversion, decrease returns and increase customer satisfaction. This will ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty. The following are just some of the ways that a good size finder can help you achieve all of these goals:

  • A good size finder helps customers make better purchasing decisions. Suppose you don't offer your customers enough information about how a garment should fit them on their body. In that case, they may find it difficult or impossible to make an informed decision about whether or not the item is right for them.

  • A good size finder reduces returns (and therefore costs). When items are returned because they did not fit correctly or were otherwise unsatisfactory in some way, this costs money; both in terms of shipping costs, but also by taking up space in your inventory until a new buyer comes along who would actually like to purchase those items at full price!

  • A good size finder increases overall customer satisfaction (and ultimately loyalty). If customers are convinced of the correctness of the size of their new garment, they will be more satisfied with their order and the specific webshop.

Online studies show that size finders increase conversion.

An online size finder will provide a relevant recommendation for the shopper of your website on what size to order from a specific brand. For example, if you are selling products that are available in different sizes (such as clothes), the original size finders will recommend a size based on the customer's body measurements. SizeBuddy, unlike other size finders, does not use personal and subjective data (height, weight and body shape) to make a size prediction. SizeBuddy makes predictions on the basis of what a customer is wearing at the very moment.

Size finders help to decrease returns.

Moreover, size finders can help to decrease returns, since customers are more likely to order the right size. It's true that a certain percentage of customers will always return their purchase, no matter what you do. However, a size finder can help in reducing this number, since customers are less likely to order various sizes and return all but the best fitted.

A size finder increases the chances of retaining existing customers and increases the competitive advantage of your webshop.

In a competitive eCommerce industry, it's crucial to offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. Customers want to find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently online. A size finder allows them to do just that.

A size finder increases the chances of retaining existing customers and reduces the likelihood of customers shopping with your competitors. They also decrease returns as well as increase conversions, customer satisfaction, and overall sales performance of an online store!

Using non-intrusive and subjective data to make a prediction.

The most common way for a size finder to calculate your clothing size is to ask you questions about how tall you are, how much you weigh and the shape of your body. This data we believe however can be quite subjective and intrusive, as it can be that customers are not aware or do not want to be confronted with their body measurements. For that reason, SizeBuddy makes a prediction on the basis of what a shopper is currently wearing. Want more information?


It is crucial that you can offer your customers a size finder in order to increase conversion rates and retain more customers. However, it is also important to make sure that the system used for calculating sizes is accurate and reliable. If not, it could damage your brand image and result in lost sales from unhappy customers who don’t get the correct size when their item arrives. Want to find out how SizeBuddy can help you to increase conversion and decrease costs? Feel free to schedule a meeting or give the SizeBuddy team a call.

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