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How SizeBuddy detects products.

To display the correct size chart and/or sizefinder on each product page, SizeBuddy divides the products on your website into categories, genders, fits and brands. This page provides information to Square users on how to set this up in the SizeBuddy dashboard.

Size attributes indicate clothing

SizeBuddy distinguishes clothing (shirts and shoes) from other items (sunglasses and candles) based on a product's options on the product page. Clothes are easily distinguished from other items by their specific sizes (e.g. S, M, L), SizeBuddy detects and processes this. Information on how to set your product sizes and measurements can be found at this Square website.

Since not all options of a product indicate clothing (e.g. color), SizeBuddy allows users to choose between which of the options indicate sizes (e.g. size, length, width). These sizes are selected when setting up SizeBuddy and can be adjusted later in your integration settings.

Next, all products containing these attributes will be imported into your SizeBuddy dashboard. If an item does not appear here, please ensure that this item has the correct options set on the product page.

If non-apparel items appear in your SizeBuddy dashboard, you can opt out of using SizeBuddy for these products using the SizeBuddy products page in the dashboard.

Category and gender detection

SizeBuddy automatically detects which category and gender a product belongs to based on the category, title and description of the product in question. SizeBuddy may not be able to determine the exact category and/or gender based on these characteristics. In that case you can fill them in manually using the product filler tool or via the SizeBuddy products page.

SizeBuddy cannot display size charts for products without a category or brand.

Brand detection

If you only sell one brand, you can indicate this in your SizeBuddy dashboard and each product will be automatically assigned to your brand.

If you sell multiple brands, there are two options:

  1. Product Attributes: Square users can create a define custom product attribute for brands. Set this attribute correctly in your SizeBuddy dashboard, SizeBuddy will use that attribute to fill in the brand of the product.

  2. Possible brands: During the installation of SizeBuddy you can indicate a list of brands that you sell. Later you can add more brands to this list via the integration page. SizeBuddy will then detect which brand it belongs to based on the title and description of a product.

If SizeBuddy is unable to detect the brand of a product, you can still add it using the product filler tool or via the products page. SizeBuddy is unable to display size charts for non-branded products.

Complete product information

You may have shirts in different fits, such as slim fit and modern fit. SizeBuddy does not currently support automatically detecting product fits, but you can manually enter these fits on the products page or with the product filler tool. SizeBuddy takes fits into account when creating size charts and predicting sizes.

Automatically update products

SizeBuddy uses webhooks to automatically update your product information when an update occurs. If updates are not processed for any reason, you can force a refresh at the bottom of the products page.


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