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Shopify multibrand

Do you sell multiple clothing brands through Shopify? This page provides more information on how to set this up correctly through your Shopify dashboard.

Follow these steps:

To set up the different brands correctly through your Shopify dashboard, follow the following steps. Download a PDF explanation here for additional instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or get in touch with Shopify.


Sign in to your Shopify dashboard and in the menu go to 'settings'.


In your settings page go to 'custom data'. This will open a new page where you can change the metafields of your webshop.


On this page click on the first option: 'Products'. This will open a new page where you can adjust or add a Product metafield definition. 


Press the green button in the right top corner: 'Add definition'. This will open a new page where you can add a product metafield definition.


1. In the 'Name' field, enter 'brands.' Note: These are not the brands you offer.

2. The namespace and key will be automatically adjusted.

3. Leave the description field blank.

4. Click on 'Select type.'

5. Click on 'Single-line text.'

6. Then click on the 'List of values' button.

7. Click on the 'Limit to predefined choices' button.

8. Here, enter the name of a brand you offer (e.g., Adidas).

9. Click 'Add item.'

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for all the brands you offer.

11. Save the changes.


Once you have added all the brands, navigate to the 'Products' section in the menu bar. Here, you will see a list of all the products offered on your webshop. Click on a product where you need to add the brand.


At the bottom of the product-specific page, scroll all the way down. Here, you will find a section called 'Meta fields.' In this section, you will see the product meta field you just added, named 'Brand' (or something similar). From the dropdown menu, you can select the specific brand that corresponds to the product.


Repeat step 7 for all the products on your webshop.

Need extra info?

Download this PDF for a more detailed explanation, including visuals.

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