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With the SizeBuddy plugin for MyOnlineStore you can easily install SizeBuddy on your webshop. 

Install SizeBuddy today and easily reduce returns and increase the conversion of your clothing webshop. 

Click the install button and follow the steps.

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About MyOnlineStore

Myonlinestore is the largest software provider in the Netherlands in the field of e-commerce and has a mission to make commerce easy & fun.

With the Myonlinestore software, it is easy to start, manage, and grow a webshop. And thanks to their XL expert network & smart community, entrepreneurs have access to all the tools, tips & tricks to boost their business. Many entrepreneurs from various sectors and countries use their online solutions on a daily basis.

Run your online business like a boss with Myonlinestore: the all-in-one platform for e-commerce and everything that comes with it. Start, run, and grow your shop as big as you want. The sky is the limit.

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About MyOnlineStore x SizeBuddy

The collaboration between SizeBuddy and MyOnlineStore offers online entrepreneurs a powerful size finder to reduce returns and increase conversion. SizeBuddy is an innovative size finder that helps customers find the right size, significantly reducing the number of returns.

Thanks to the simple integration via Google Tag Manager between SizeBuddy and MyOnlineStore, you can easily create a seamless and personal shopping experience.


This results in satisfied customers who are less inclined to return products. Take an important step towards a successful and profitable online business today with the collaboration between SizeBuddy and MyOnlineStore.

About SizeBuddy

SizeBuddy is an innovative size finder that reduces returns from your webshop and increases conversion and customer satisfaction.


SizeBuddy enables customers to easily find the right size by filling in a piece of clothing that they are wearing right now.


Using advanced algorithms and size charts, SizeBuddy provides accurate recommendations resulting in reduced returns, increased conversion and satisfied customers.

Multi brand store?

Are you a multibrand store using Myonlinestore? Here you can read more information about setting this up properly in your Myonlinestore dashboard. 

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Need help?

No problem.

Feel free to contact us. We will help you further to complete the integration.

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