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Myonlinestore multibrand

Do you sell multiple clothing brands through Myonlinestore? This page provides more information on how to set this up correctly through your Myonlinestore dashboard.

Follow these steps:

To set up the different brands correctly through your Myonlinestore dashboard, it is important to follow the following steps. Download a PDF explanation here for additional instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or get in touch with Myonlinestore.


Log in to your Myonlinestore dashboard and navigate to Product Overview in the menu bar under "Products". 


Click on the 'add new product' button. This will open a new page with "General product details". Above the "General product details" heading, you will see a bar with a button labelled 'Extra fields'. Click on it.


Here you have the option to click on 'Add new hidden/visible field' under visible or hidden fields. Choose one of the two. After that, a pop-up will open with the possibility to add a product field.


1. Under 'Apply to', select 'All products'.

2. Fill in the 'Field name' as per your choice (e.g., 'Brand').

3. For 'Field type', select the option 'Fixed values'.

4. Click on the green button 'Add Fixed value'.

5. Type in the name of a brand you sell.

6. Click on 'Save' on the right side of the text box.

7. Finally, select 'Activated by default' under 'Options'.

8. Click on the green button 'Apply' at the bottom right.

9. Repeat this process (from step 3) for all the brands you sell via Myonlinestore.

10. Click on the green button 'Save' at the bottom left to save your changes.

Need extra info?

Download this PDF for a more detailed explanation, including visuals.

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