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Paid returns without informing: fair or unfair?

Online shopping has revolutionized the way people purchase products. With the convenience of shopping from home, customers no longer have to deal with long lines or crowded stores. However, one aspect of online shopping that remains a pain point for customers and retailers is returning.

While returns are inevitable in any online retail business, they can be a significant expense for online retailers. According to research, returns can cost retailers up to €12,50. This is why increasingly more retailers have, or are, implementing paid return policies to offset the cost of processing returns (read more).

However, at SizeBuddy, we believe that it is not fair to make consumers pay for returns without giving them the right tools to make an informed sizing decision.

32% of online shoppers order the wrong size online. These returns can for a large part be prevented by properly informing customers with for instance accurate size charts, product pictures and of course SizeBuddy.

SizeBuddy is an online fitting room that predicts customers' sizes based on the measurements of their current clothing. SizeBuddy reduces returns, increases customer satisfaction and webshop conversion.

In contrast, without SizeBuddy, customers may be uncertain about their size and may end up ordering multiple sizes of the same product, resulting in higher return rates. This can be a significant expense for retailers, especially when returns are paid for by the retailer.

We know that returns are significantly impacting (large) e-commerce businesses on their profitability and paid returns might be the only option going forward. However, making customers pay for returns, without informing them in the best way possible does not seem like the ideal future for any e-commerce business striving for service in a competitive landscape.

In conclusion, the implementation of SizeBuddy can significantly lower retailers' return rates, whilst increasing customer satisfaction and revenue. Having the option for customers to use SizeBuddy before ordering and being properly informed of the size they should order, fairly opens up the door for paid returns.

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