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Common|era x SizeBuddy - creating a better world together.

Common|era is "here to make it slow". Arno Weel and Jasper van den Dungen founded common|era sustainable fashion in October 2021. Common|era stands for "our common era". This name is based on the Brundtland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future.

What do we stand for? Leaving a better world for future generations.

Based on our experiences and seeing unacceptable conditions in factories worldwide, we wanted to do better and actually contribute to a more sustainable and better world. So, we rolled up our sleeves and started doing it! After defining the first achievable goals, we decided that the following pillars should be the foundation of our new Dutch sustainable clothing brand:

  • using existing materials, both pre-and post-consumer waste; not only are the fabrics made of recycled materials but all labels and trims as well.

  • We also focus on fair and sustainable supply chains close to home, and complete transparency in what we do and who we work with.

We want to encourage consumers to contribute to a better world in a fun and simple way. Less impact, good working conditions, and insight into "the journey your clothing has taken". Feel good about the clothes you've purchased and look great while doing it!

The core of our brand is the story above, but you should feel good about it. Clothing with a story: our common story.

SizeBuddy x common|era

SizeBuddy has proven to be a good partner in achieving our goals. The tool ensures that unnecessary extra sizes are not purchased and returned, by allowing users to receive personalised advice. This means fewer returns, which ultimately has a positive impact on the environment by reducing transportation.

We have received great feedback from customers who have used SizeBuddy to find their size. At present, we are very satisfied with the functioning of SizeBuddy.

The right questions are asked, and the size advice is accurate. Furthermore, SizeBuddy is fully in line with our ambitions to make a difference in reducing impact and helping consumers become more aware, all in a very easy and efficient manner.

The integration of SizeBuddy on our website went very smoothly, and our marketing agency, Brandrs, was very pleased with the contact and collaboration.

Future of Common|era

With the increasing focus on sustainable and fair clothing in recent years, the number of companies/brands with a similar vision has steadily increased. Finding the brands that actually do what they say or are ahead of the curve is like finding a needle in a haystack.

We are one of the brands that are leading the way with common-era, but it's a matter of visibility and perseverance. Since going live, we have been actively working on various retail, social media, online marketing, affiliated platforms, etc. However, the most important thing, for now, is visibility and recognition. And we are achieving that more and more!

Arno Weel and Jasper van den Dungen - Founders at common|era sustainable fashion


Has the common|era collaboration story inspired you? We are happy to contact you about how we can help you.

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